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In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Son


Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008



 A psychic medium was recommended to my wife and I.. His name is Michael Wheeler and his website is http://www.psychicoranges.com/ .We have had two Mediumship Readings with Michael. My wife had the first reading and I had one about three weeks later. These consultations were conducted over the phone. Michael Wheeler only had our first names. He does not know where we live, he has not met or physically seen us nor does he have any idea as to why we are asking for a consultation or who we might hope to contact. He was not aware that I was related to my wife so he had no idea about any connection between us. He asks no questions. He only states that who comes through him are those people who have passed on that want to contact us. Then he begins.

The things he told my wife blew us away. We were numb for two days. The first person who came forward was described as an elderly gentleman who had passed away recently. My wife's father had passed away in August, 2008. He then described in detail this man's character and his relationship with his daughter. Then a young man came forward. this young man turned out to be Michael as he described his funeral, the fact that there were two services (his school held a service as well) that somebody with a name starting with N plays the flute (His cousin Nicole attends a performing arts school and plays the piano. I later discovered that she plays the flute as well. The medium told my wife that Michael is around her when she plays the flute. Michael Wheeler asked if there was somebody here good with their hands. My wife replied that I (her husband was good with his hands). Michael Wheeler then said "his name is Peter" (my name) and then described that I was working outside doing some paving and while I worked I played music that reminded me of my beautiful boy, Michael. This was 100% accurate. He then told her that we had gone to the U.S.A., we had, and that we would go again in two to three years. Michael's younger brother wants to be an actor and wants to move to the United States, that is all he talks about. And if we go it will be in two to three years after he finishes school. He told his mum that he was worried about her as she had lost too much weight (She has). He told her that he likes the website (This Website) He told her that he saw a red car. I was told this as well. there is a picture of Michael, a baby, climbing into a red pedal car stuck on the door of our fridge. We look at this picture every day. Most telling is that he described the photograph on the home page of this site by telling us that he can see what looks like a panda bear and "foot film". This photograph is of Michael standing next to adult sized Snoopy at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. "Foot film" means film stars footprints and handprints in the footpath. this was amazing. I was told that I had been in a car accident (2 days before my reading) and that I had trouble with the pump for our swimming pool, that I had tried to fix it but decided to replace the pump with a new one. I bought the new pool pump 3 weeks prior to my reading. My wife didn't even know I had bought it. Michael Wheeler gave me my mother's name (Marie) and that her name lived on as a middle name in a young person (My brother's daughter has Marie as a middle name).

 I was given names and descriptions of people close to him. I was told by Michael Wheeler that Michael was rubbing his leg or knee and this indicated that whatever killed Michael started there and travelled through his body.

 There was a lot more as the consultation lasts 45 minutes. The evidence given to us that life is ongoing beyond physical death is overwhelming to me. I was told things that only Michael and I knew.

My wife has had several readings with Michael Wheeler since and my younger son has had a reading also. The information is evidential and consistently fits together. We have also attended group demonstrations and witnessed some amazing details disclosed in readings for people in the room. Go to Michael's website for information about these

Recommended Mediums that my wife and I have experienced that have given evidential readings and/or physical phenomenon

Michael Wheeler  http://www.psychicoranges.com/

Imelda Penny http://www.linkingtwoworlds.com/

Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination

Down Load These Books. You Must Read These.

Author: Victor Zammitt

A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife.

 Author: Ian Findlay

The Edge Of The Etheric

The Way Of Life

The Curse Of Ignorance

Books You Must Buy

Author: Robyn P. Foy

Witnessing The Impossible

The Scole Experiment

Author: Dr Raymond Moody through his website or on Amazon

Life After Life (read online)

Reunions, Visionary Encounters With Loved Ones

Glimpses Of Eternity

Author: Dr Elisabeth Kubhler-Ross


My wife and I have recently met Imelda Penny and have attended one of her Linking Two Worlds demonstrations. In a group setting she gave as good a demonstration as Michael Wheeler but to more people.  Imelda, as with Michael Wheeler, is very strong with evidential information. Evidential means giving names, places, circumstances, basically information that can be confirmed by the person receiving the reading. This is information Imelda could not possibly have. It can only be known by the spirit giving the information and then confirmed by the person receiving the information. Often the information is given about recent or current events.

My wife was one of the people in the crowd that night that was given information. It was one of my wife's uncles who was a doctor and actually delivered my wife into this world.. He, himself, died when my wife was very young. This information is evidential. When you can tell someone who delivered them at birth and that it was in a rural setting of another country and details of that country then the information is irrefutable. Although we have not had a private reading with Imelda I am sure that she can provide proof of the continuance of life with a private reading.

I might also point out a must read book is Witnessing The Impossible about the Scole Experiment in England. If you do read this book you will find that Imelda and her daughter Michelle participated in a sitting of the Scole Experiment and they are mentioned as sitters in the book as sitting on Sunday June the 15th, 1997.




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