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In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Son


Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008



This documentary brings to our attention the risks of the chemical age we live in and the untested effects of the many chemicals and technologies that have been introduced into our world to supposedly improve our lifestyle, so called quality of life, to create an economy, and paradoxically, improve our health.

The skeptics will say that research is not conclusive enough to ban any chemicals. Do your own research about this but always follow the money trail when deciding whether to believe any research. You will often find that research questioning the safety of chemicals will usually come from an independent source while the research supporting the continued use of a chemical or technology will be funded by the industry itself (defending itself). Draw your own conclusions about this conflict of interest.

You must read  The Secret History Of The War On Cancer written by Dr Devra Davis. Dr Davis is a leading epidemiologist and has dared to write this book about the many cover ups and known causes of cancer that have been introduced into our food and environment. Unfortunately, as Dr Davis shows with her in depth research, the economic imperative and just plain greed and callous indifference has prevented knowledge of these contributors to cancer becoming known. More sinister is the fact that people at the head of the major Cancer Institutions such as the ACS (American Cancer Society), the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and many of the Cancer Charity Foundations are also on the board of directors of many of the leading companies who manufacture known cancer causing carcinogens. These same people are also often on the boards of large pharmaceutical companies that make huge profits from the Cancer Pandemic.

Is it coincidental that the Cancer Pandemic, indeed the Epidemic of many diseases coincide with the introduction of man made synthetic chemicals and medicines?

Remember the decades long arguments about the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

 Hormone Replacement Therapy has been proven to cause breast cancer and is now being linked to lung cancer, and I would conjecture many more cancers and health complications to come. My mother was subjected to this medical bullshit. My mother died from a heart attack while on methadone after a long battle with cancer and ten surgeries during that battle. Only my mother could find humor in the quizzical looks of the doctors when they looked at her x rays when so much of her was missing. My beautiful mum had a kidney removed when she was 35 years old and was then recommended to have a hysterectomy after that to reduce the possibility of infections and it was explained to her that she already had all the children she wanted so she would not need her ovaries any more. Then HRT was given to make up for what was taken away. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 50 and passed on at 55. Statistically my mother was CURED as she lived more than five years before her mutilated body gave up. Just remember that when your doctor gives you your prognosis and quotes their 5 year survival rates, understand the play on the words being used. SURVIVING 5 years under treatment is a CURE. If you die at 5 years and 2 months are you CURED? Statistically you are.

And yet, despite the obvious dangers of HRT it is still being marketed by "knowledgeable doctors" to "informed patients" to evaluate the benefits/risks. How can this happen? The answer is simple. HRT is approved just like all the chemicals being released into our world. And when something is approved it becomes a business. Companies make these chemicals, people are employed by these companies, towns rely on the employment provided by these companies, salesman market these chemicals/medicines. Other companies use these chemical to manufacture products. These companies also employ people. Towns also rely on these companies and so on. And doctors who have made a living prescribing HRT will find a way to "inform" their patients about the known risks so that they can still manage to prescribe this crap and make a living. After all, HRT is still approved.

 I had an argument with a doctor about taking my son to Perth to have him treated at the Radiowave Clinic as pioneered by Dr Holt. This doctor argued that because Dr Holt's methods were not approved this meant that they did not work. When I told him that I had personally met somebody who had been successfully treated for Breast Cancer by Dr Holt back in the 1980s he disputed this. I then quoted him that 85% of medical practice today has never been proven to work, it is just that it is approved. The best example of this statement was his insistence that my son be treated with chemotherapy, which my son declined as he already knew the effects of the chemotherapy on him and that the 5 year survival chance from the treatment of chemotherapy is less than 1%. That the accepted best case scenario for chemotherapy's contribution to 5 year survival of all cancer patients is only 2 to 3%. But chemotherapy is approved and will be continued to be marketed to desperate people who are being told that chemotherapy is all there is and that other treatments that are not approved do not work. Let's have a reality check here. Chemotherapy has an accepted statistical contribution to 5 year survival of 2 to 3 %. This figure is so low that it is in the range of statistical error and by any obvious analysis is an abject failure. You could argue that chemotherapy does not work.

There is only one solution. Take your life back. Research on the internet about all the causes of disease and do as much as you can to remove them from your world, if not for your own sake, then definitely for your children. It has already been accepted by scientists that our children's life expectancy will be shorter than ours, and so it shall follow that their children will live a shorter life than they will. WHY? Because the diet they will live on will be totally unnatural, processed, synthetic food, full of food additives, artificial colourings, artificial flavourings, sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, irradiated, genetically modified, basically anything but FOOD. They will drink water full of chemicals, breathe toxic air, submit themselves to constant preventative medical procedures such as x rays, CT Scans, Pet Scans and mammograms, all of which can cause cancer. They will have a lifetime exposure to radiation from mobile phones. It is generally accepted that all forms of radiation can cause cancer.

  Note: By the time I got to the Radiowave Clinic for treatment it was too late for him to be treated. His lungs were too far gone. My beautiful son , Michael, passed on in a hospital in Perth 3 days later.

Although I can't comment on how Dr Holt's treatment may have fared with Michael I can make the observation that I did speak with several patients being treated there and did witness people after treatment and I can only say that the positive attitude exuded by these people is the complete opposite of the atmosphere in a conventional cancer ward. Seeing somebody coming out after treatment and a hot shower and heading off to lunch or shopping is a far cry from watching the effects of what chemotherapy is doing to your son as he dies a little each day. When the words of your oncologist rings in your ears that "We will virtually have to kill your son and bring him back". And if he does manage to kill him he is protected by law because this toxin (mustard gas) is approved. This is called Medicine (Medisin).



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