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Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008

Introduction to HIFU

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound [HIFU] is used to treat cancer tumours without requiring surgery. HIFU has developed

 over more than 10 years and has been used to successfully treat over 8,000 patients worldwide. Having achieved the European safety

approval CE Mark in 2005, it is now available for use with private patient cancer treatments.


Clinical Trials at The HIFU Unit in Oxford confirm the claim that certain cancers in the LIVER and KIDNEYS can be successfully

 treated and certain cancers of the PANCREAS and BONE may also be suitable using HIFU. Further HIFU applications are under



Cancers can be malignant and capable of spreading through the body and potentially life-threatening; or benign, but potentially

uncomfortable if they grow. They can be diffuse (spread through an organ or the body) or "lumpy". With HIFU we treat both malignant

 and benign lumpy cancers. HIFU equipment provides:


  • Low power imaging ultrasound - which enables us to locate and look at the cancer; and
  • High intensity focused ultrasound - which can accurately focus on the tumour and kill it.


The healthy tissue through which the ultrasound passes is not affected. The benefits of HIFU treatment:


  • HIFU is clean energy, which works by heating the cancer cells.
  • HIFU treatment causes far less damaging side-effects than conventional treatments.
  • HIFU can avoid chemotherapy.
  • HIFU does not involve radiotherapy.
  • HIFU does not involve surgery; it is non-invasive.
  • HIFU doesn`t require a lengthy hospital stay.
  • HIFU treatment may result in a strengthening of the patient' s immunity to cancer.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

Hifu Explained

Clinical Applications Explained

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An Innovative Technology of Tumor Therapy

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Host antitumour immune responses to HIFU ablation

Treatment of osteosarcoma with high-intensity focused ultrasound: more than 5-years clinical outcomes

HIFU An Innovatibe tumor Therapy Technology

Emerging Role of HIFU as a Noninvasive Ablative Method to Treat Localized Prostate Cancer

Non-invasive Prostate Cancer Treatment with AblathermŽ HIFU

Bookmarks For Hifu

         Pine Street Foundation Misonix http://prostate-help.blogs.com/prostatehelp/4_hifu/  http://www.ukhifu.co.uk/patient-stories.htm http://www.hifumx.com/downloads.htm http://www.cairns-urology.com.au/prostate_cancer

http://www.yananow.net/Mentors/DennisM.htm http://www.can-amhifu.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=26 http://www.haifu.com.cn/en_aboutus.asp?id=1602&x_newsort=179

Hifu For Liver Cancer   Hifu for Breast Cancer Hifu for Other Tumors  http://proceedings.jbjs.org.uk/cgi/content/abstract/87-B/SUPP_I/4-c

http://thatshealth.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html  Hifu for Bone Cancer



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