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In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Son


Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008

Murder By Processed Meat.

"Rant From an Angry Dad".

There are lots of suggested causes of cancer but, like Cigarettes for 20 years, the jury is "supposedly" still out about these causes as the evidence is never conclusive enough for governments to take action. What my RANT is about here is processed meat. Below is an article I have scanned from the "Canberra Times" in late June 2009. I wish to pass comment (my opinion) on what this article means and perhaps open your eyes to the reality of this world and somehow enable you to question what you are told and to then to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from what is fast becoming the REAL PANDEMIC of the 21ST CENTURY - CANCER.

Processed meat is artificially coloured red to make it look fresh (when it isn't) using a chemical called sodium nitrite. It is this chemical that is causing bowel cancer in great numbers. I refer you to two articles on this website regarding sodium nitrite and processed meat. It has been known for years that Sodium Nitrite is a known carcinogen and causes Cancer but the article below really pulls the subject into focus. The article quotes a Professor Martin Wiseman, scientific and medical advisor to the World Cancer Research Fund stating that "The evidence on processed meat is convincing and our scientists estimate that up to about 3,700 cases of bowel cancer could be prevented EVERY YEAR in the UK if everyone ate less than 70 grams of processed meat a week, which is roughly equivalent of three rashers of bacon."

I found this article on page 20 of a lift out of the Canberra Times, not in the actual paper itself. Of course the "Canberra Times", as do all newspapers, has more important news occupying their headline pages. Important subjects such as the latest NRL scandal, Utegate, MP travel expenses, anything about Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Madonna's adoptions and of course, the Big One - The Swine Flu Pandemic that never eventuated.

Let us look at the critical figures quoted by Professor Wiseman.

!/  3,700 people could be saved from bowel cancer every year in the UK alone. Take in Australia, the United States and any other country that allows processed meat using sodium nitrite to be marketed and the number may well run into a hundred thousand or more cases of bowel cancer every year. These estimates make the Swine Flu Pandemic pale into insignificance.

2/ Eating more than 70grams of processed meat per week will put you at risk of developing bowel cancer. Professor Wiseman states that just 3 rashers of bacon a week is the safe limit. That is the esteemed Professor's solution to the problem. People need to be educated not to eat processed meat or limit their consumption to less than 70 grams per week. Imagine giving your strong growing son Bacon and eggs for breakfast, making him a ham and salad sandwich to take to school for lunch so he won't eat the rubbish at the school canteen, go to the football at night and buy him a hot dog and get home late so you buy a take away pizza (with salami and pepperoni or ham) for dinner because it's too late to cook. This is way more than 70 grams in just one day. Add in the meat patties used in all the hamburger joints in town and it is not hard to work out that the 70 gram limit for the week is impossible.

3/ It is also quoted by Cancer Research UK, in this article, that by the year 2024 the incidence of bowel cancer will rise from 36,500 per year to 46,000 per year. they are quoted as saying that "as many as 12,000 cases of bowel cancer could be prevented every year by cutting down on red meat, processed meat and alcohol, staying slim and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables".

4/ A World Cancer Research Fund survey conducted by Yougov found that 32% of 2,349 knew that eating processed meat heightened the risk of cancer.

5/ A Chris Lamb of BPEX, which represents the English Pig Industry is quoted in this article as saying "The consumer very much understands the major causes of cancer are smoking, alcohol, obesity and lack of exercise.

My opinion and translation of this article

The evidence is in. Sodium nitrite in processed meat causes bowel cancer. The evidence can even quantify a number of 3,700 people every year, in the UK alone, could avoid bowel cancer if they didn't eat processed meat. The solution is quite simple. BAN the use of sodium nitrite  in artificially colouring meat to make it appear fresh. Find another way. But No, their solution - education. It is up to you to know this information and NOT eat processed meat. It's your fault if you succumb to bowel cancer. 70 grams a week is the supposed safe threshold which is impossible to meet. Cancer Research UK predict with certainty the rate of bowel cancer rising to 46,000 per year by 2024 in the UK alone. Hip Hip Hooray. Why don't they start a campaign to BAN sodium nitrite in processed meat and save some lives.

The World Cancer Research Fund's survey shows that 32% of a select group are aware that processed meat can cause cancer. This doesn't mean they don't eat processed meat, just that they are aware of it's dangers. What this study really proves is that 68% of the people surveyed are blissfully, and eventually, terminally ignorant. If you won't ban sodium nitrite then put Cancer Warnings on Pizza boxes, hamburger wrappings, hot dog vendors, delicatessens and supermarkets. Show pictures of people dying from bowel cancer on the boxes and wrappings and not just talk about it in some obscure article buried deep in a newspaper and say that you have done your best advising the public. Let the public be aware at the point of purchase, as with cigarettes, and then say that their illness is self inflicted. The truth is that sodium nitrite is just one of many known carcinogens being added to our food

Chris Lamb of BPEX is a paid apologist for the English Pig Industry which obviously uses sodium nitrite to colour their meat. His explanation is that people are giving themselves cancer by smoking, drinking alcohol, being fat and not exercising enough so why can't his industry join in and give you bowel cancer as well and turn a tidy profit doing it.

3,700 preventable cases of bowel cancer every year in the UK alone. Maybe 50,000 to 100,000 worldwide every year, maybe 500,000 to 1,000,000 every 10 years and it will grow exponentially every year. The truth is that sodium nitrite is just one of many known carcinogens being added to our food to make them edible and addictive. If you could put a numerical figure to each additive and the cases of cancer caused by these additive then the cumulative figure of cancer cases caused by known chemicals will go into the stratosphere.

So the next time you read your newspaper or watch the news about another case of swine flu or that speeding kills think of all the people suffering and dying from cancer that could be prevented by removing a known carcinogen such as sodium nitrite.

Don't waste your time talking to your politicians about changing anything. They're too involved in playing like school children in Parliament to know, or even care, what is going on in the Real World. Anyway, they will explain it away with discussions about jobs and the economy. 'This industry is just too important" they will argue.

Don't waste your time talking to your conventional doctor about such issues. Your doctor is in the business of treating sick people and the more sick people there are the more business he has.

Don't waste your time talking to any of the Cancer Foundations or Cancer Charities. All they ever talk about is getting more donations. Your dollar may be the one that eventually finds the magical/mythical cure. Why are they not screaming from the rooftops about removing this carcinogen, and many others, and their proven death sentence from our food supply?

The Swine Flu Pandemic has been big news, with about 350 deaths worldwide, and yet the number of preventable cancer cases as described in this article is passed off as irrelevant. While the efforts to limit the death toll from the Swine Flu appear laudable, the truth is that most people who contracted the Swine Flu weren't even aware they had it or only had mild cases and the main treatment was to be isolated for a few days and stay in bed. If you contract bowel cancer and you don't apply some treatment, either conventional or alternative, you will die. Would it not be preferable not to contract bowel cancer at all/

 The Pandemic can hit and can kill at random. This is a tragedy if it happens to you or someone you know. Containment is necessary. Cancer is not contagious like the flu but if there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the cause of bowel cancer and the resultant massive loss of life worldwide by removing sodium nitrite from our food and guaranteeing the saving of many many thousands of lives every year. Then why aren't these steps taken? At the top of this page I suggest that the worldwide incidence of Cancer is the Real Pandemic. What I suggest here in the matter of sodium nitrite is the continued allowance of the use of this chemical to artificially colour processed meat knowing full well the human cost worldwide is GENOCIDE.

My mother died from bowel cancer and I am not a happy man. My son died from bone cancer and I am furious. I will Rant about some of the known causes of Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) on this website soon.

Look at my son, Michael, in the photograph at the top of this page. He is a living being, not a statistic. He was/is my beautiful son. He should still be here with me now. I know he is with me in spirit but he should still be here physically. I was totally ignorant and yet trusting about the world we live in. Not anymore. I wish I knew, before my son got cancer, what I know now but who wants to know until you are confronted with this terrible disease yourself. Put your son's face, your daughter's face in place of my son's face. Imagine what it would be like to only have pictures to look at. Never to hug or kiss them again, to only have videos and dreams. Be proactive. Change your life and your family's life now. Educate yourself, be more naturally healthy.

The Real Cure for Cancer is not getting it. To Not Get It you must educate yourself about the many known causes and remove them from your world. Don't wait for the so called cure being promised by the Medical Profession and Cancer Charities. You or your loved ones will be long dead before any such magical cure could occur, if ever. We are told constantly that just one more donation will do it. Money will solve this massive problem. THE TRUTH IS MONEY IS THE CAUSE OF THIS MASSIVE PROBLEM.


This article is my opinion of the research I have made as a result of my beautiful son, Michael, suffering and dying from cancer. I dedicate it to him and I hope that this article, and many others to follow, may influence those who read them to make life altering decisions and free themselves from some of the many known causes of cancer. My opinions are not to be taken as medical advice. You should seek information elsewhere to either confirm or contradict this information and draw your own conclusions.

For My Beautiful Son, Michael.




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