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Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008




Please go to this link to see a transcript on a radio show called the Health Report on ABC Radio dated the 18th of April, 2005. The debate is between  Professor Graeme Morgan, a Radiologist from Royal North Shore Hospital, and Professor Michael Boyer, Head Oncologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Professor Morgan is arguing that the benefits of Chemotherapy are grossly oversold.

 What is this fascination with chemotherapy? Why are there other treatments around the world that are not in Australia, or not allowed in Australia. How can these doctors say, in all conscience, that Chemotherapy is all there is. If it doesn't work, go home and die. Why don't we have Hifu (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) which has clinical trials going back to 1998, which has proven to be highly effective in the treatment for osteosarcoma without all the toxic side effects of chemotherapy. This clinic in England may have treated Michael and that treatment may have saved his leg. What about cyberknife. Chemotherapy is statistically useless for brain, lung, pancreatic or liver cancer. Cyberknife has been FDA approved in the U.S. since 1999 for brain tumours and since 2001 for any tumour in the body. Both Hifu and Cyberknife have few if any side effects and both can done in an outpatient environment. Where is the urgency in the fight to save so many lives. Why hasn't the medical industry run at these technologies, researched, tested and perfected them as they both have the potential to kill the tumour completely without surgery or chemotherapy? Maybe I just answered my question. The AMA is run by doctors who happen to be surgeons, oncologists and specialists involved in the Cancer Industry. Perhaps it is only natural to hold back or slow down that technology that may lessen your own power, income and prestige or worse make many doctors obsolete.

My wife begged doctors here for information about any other possible treatments that might save Michael's life. They responded by saying that there was only Chemotherapy. There was nothing else. But then, we were asking oncologists who only push chemotherapy. Well, I would like to tell you that Hifu is available in Australia for prostate cancer only but you would be lucky to find a doctor who knows about it, let alone refer you to it as an option to avoid surgery. There is a clinic in St Vincents hospital in Darlinghurst, Sydney. And there was an investigative paper done on Cyberknife in 2004 for the Australian Health Department. It states in this report that "25,000 patients a year could benefit from this treatment" and that "this technology may have a great impact on the medical system in Australia".

Michael received Hifu treatment overseas and it did destroy most of the tumour but I found out about it too late to save his leg. Unfortunately, I only found about the cyberknife from Today Tonight the night before Michael passed away. That was the cruellest cut of all.


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