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Little or No Evidence Supports Conventional Medical Treatments

Thursday, June 05, 2008 by: Barbara L. Minton (see all articles by this author)

Key concepts: Doctors, Hospital and Holocaust


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(NaturalNews) Do you ever get the feeling that your doctor doesn’t know what he’s doing? Well, you are probably right. There is little or no evidence that today’s $2 trillion-dollar medical system works any better than various other alternatives. Whether you have diabetes, heart trouble, back pain or cancer, this judgment applies. If you are contemplating surgery, you should know that the orthodox disease establishment doctors have little clue about the success rates for the procedures they endorse.

Dr. David Eddy, a consultant for healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente and leader in the development of clinical evidenced based guidelines admits that the medical profession does not know what its doing, according to an article published by Alan Stang. Even today, with a high-tech health-care system that costs the nation so much money, there is little or no evidence that many widely used treatments and procedures actually work.

Eighty-five percent of what doctors do is not backed by hard evidence, which presumably means that only fifteen percent is. “Doctors dangerously over treat patients, because they get paid to treat; they don’t get paid not to treat," claims Stang.

A hundred and fifty years ago, Ignaz Semmelweis claimed that his fellow physicians were killing women delivering babies in Vienna’s hospitals. Women were so terrified of hospitals that they considered a hospital stay the same as a death sentence. Their families had to bring them there by force because the women would try to escape. Semmelweis suspected that the reason for the deaths was that doctors were going from surgery to surgery without washing their hands. When he demanded that they scrub and sterilize their hands, the death rate dropped dramatically.

Although you would suspect that modern practitioners certainly wash their hands between patients, especially between surgeries, you would be wrong. Eighty percent of hospital infections happen today because doctors don’t wash their hands, resulting in deaths of thousands of people and costs of over a billion dollars a year. For instance, more than one-quarter of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s doctors don’t wash, because proper washing takes time and costs them money they would otherwise be making, according to an article in Business Week that interviewed some of the nation’s leading doctors.

According to these doctors, some of their colleagues are killing and robbing thousands of Americans a year. And these unindicted felons are the same critics calling for the power of the government to raid health food stores and throw so-called “alternative” practitioners into jail. These are also the same moral miscreants who use government propaganda to warn disease victims to reject any other treatment and therapy except theirs. They are the ones in collusion with the pharmaceutical companies who are trying to ban nutritional supplements with Codex Alimentarius. They point with their unwashed hands at anyone who dares to contradict them.

Stang recalls the story of Abraham Cherrix who had Hodgkin’s disease. The doctors told him to take chemotherapy so he did. It failed and the cancer returned. The chemo had left Abraham so weak that he couldn’t walk. He didn’t want to do it again, wanting instead to try “alternative” treatments to restore his immune system. Doctors used the courts to force him to again take the same chemotherapy that had failed him and left him so weak.

Abraham’s dad asked the social worker, “What will you do with my little boy? Will you take him somewhere and strap him down and put duct tape on his mouth and pump him full of this stuff if he doesn’t want it?” The social worker replied, “No, I will come to your house with a uniformed officer, and I will take your son by force if he resists. And I will take him to somebody else who will do that.” As the result of the huge public outrage over this case, Abraham finally won and was returned to his parent’s custody.

How could this have happened? The disease establishment is willing to do anything to protect and maintain its multi-billion dollar control of the people. Establishment medicine as practiced in the U.S. is monopoly medicine. Any threat to that monopoly is taken seriously. The four big players in monopoly medicine are the government, the AMA (American Medical Association), the drug companies, and the medical schools.

No matter how beneficial prevention modalities and alternative treatment modalities are to the people, they must be concealed, controlled, and done away with. There is a kind of psychic disconnect practiced by the establishment mentalities that want to do away with the means to prevent and treat conditions that may eventually threaten their own lives.

As the drug companies and politicians try to line us up for forced vaccinations and treatments, it's good to remember that forced medical treatment was one of the main principles of Nazism. The Holocaust did not begin with the extermination of Jewish people. It ended with them.

The Holocaust began with the doctors when Hitler was still in jail during the Weimar Republic established after World War I. The Allies had promised Germany there would not be a punitive peace. Of course they lied and ended up imposing a ruinous war debt at the Versailles Conference. When Germany could not pay, the doctors decided to do their patriotic duty by eliminating “useless eaters”. They began with handicapped children and worked their way to criminals and beyond. Since doctors were running the program, the public swallowed it as just being “humane”. Only years later was this program known as the Holocaust, which many people today wrongly believe only exterminated the Jewish.

The fact that Business Week was able to publish much of this information in their cover story suggests that the disease establishment may be losing some of its control. But like many large beasts, monopoly medicine is probably more dangerous in its death throws.


Author not noted, “Medical Guesswork”, Business Week, May 29, 2006.

Stang, Alan, “Today’s American Medicine: The Cure,” (www.AlanStang.com) .

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About the author

Barbara is a school psychologist, a published author in the area of personal finance, a breast cancer survivor using "alternative" treatments, a born existentialist, and a student of nature and all things natural.

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