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In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Son


Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008

Questions To Ask Your Oncologist.

1. Can you show me some evidence for the claims you are making for the chemotherapy drugs you are recommending?

2. What are the side effects of chemotherapy?

3. Is Chemotherapy a toxic chemical?

4. Can I die from chemotherapy, either during treatment or in the future?

5. Can chemotherapy cure me of cancer?

6. Does chemotherapy cause cancer?

7. Does chemotherapy extend life, and if so, show me the proof?

8 What causes cancer?

9. Would you take the chemotherapy you are offering me?

10. What are the 5 year survival statistics with the treatment you are offering and then what are the 6 and 10 year statistics?

11. Is it true that Chemotherapy originated from Mustard Gas, a chemical weapon?

12. Is it true that it is accepted that chemotherapy only has a 3% contribution to the 5 year survival statistic?

13. If I am going to die anyway would I not be better of dying in dignity and a time and manner of my choosing rather than

putting myself through all the known side effects of chemotherapy and the very real possibility of the

chemotherapy shortening my life and certainly destroying any quality of life?

14. Are there any alternatives to chemotherapy either here or overseas?

15. I have heard about Hifu which targets the tumour directly, not the whole body. Have you heard about it?

16. Have you heard about Cyberknife which directly targets the tumour, not the whole body. Have you heard about it?

17. Can you give me testimonials of patients you have treated? And give me their contact details that I can verify your claims?

18. I understand chemotherapy is very expensive. Why is it so expensive when it only cures cancer 3% of the time?

19. Is it true that if my cancer is inoperable then my chances are virtually zero?

20. What happens if Chemotherapy comes into contact with my skin?

21. How would it be cleaned up if Chemotherapy is spilled on the floor?

22. What do you know of "alternative medicine" treatments for cancer?

23. What are my options if the Chemotherapy you are recommending does not work?

24. Are there less toxic alternatives, either here, in Australia, or overseas?

25. What is the Efficacy of Chemotherapy?

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