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Race For the Cure (comic)

Sunday, October 01, 2006 by: Mike Adams (see all articles by this author)
Key concepts: Cancer, Race for the cure and Cure for cancer

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Comments by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

The 'race for the cure' is one of the greatest sociomedical cons ever pulled off by the pharmaceutical industry. Here's how it works:

First, the drug companies take over the cancer non-profits by donating huge sums of money and getting their own executives on the boards of these organizations. From there, all decisions by the cancer non-profits are made to protect the interests of drug companies. Today, virtually all cancer non-profit groups are actually Big Pharma front groups that push cancer treatment, but never prevention (because actually preventing cancer would harm the profits of drug companies).

Next, these cancer front groups pull off a double-whammy con job by first convincing people that money is the only obstacle to finding a "cure" for cancer. Then they convince people to actually hand over money for the right to run around in circles so they can feel like they're helping to find this so-called cure.

But people are NEVER told the following three things:

  1. Much of the money raised by these events actually goes to subsidize either more propaganda campaigns or the research efforts of drug companies that are already among the most profitable enterprises in the world. Why are citizens donating their hard-earned cash to ultra-wealthy organizations in the first place? The American Cancer Society, for example, once held hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, owned a fleet of luxury cars, owned $11 million worth of real estate, and hundreds of millions of dollars in other assets. Its CEO currently earns over $760,000 / year in salary. See The American Cancer Society: The World's Wealthiest Nonprofit Institution.
  2. Even if all this money somehow manages to find a cure for cancer, the drug companies have no plans to reciprocate the goodwill. Rather, they will charge cancer patients the highest prices they can get away with for these drugs, generating record profits for shareholders. For Big Pharma, cancer is a profit center, not a volunteer project. If you thought the cure for cancer would just be given away to everybody, you've been hoodwinked.
  3. Cures for cancer already exist from the world of natural medicine, by the way. Dozens of cures, covering medicinal herbs, nutritional therapies, chemical detoxification and many more and being used to eliminate cancer in numerous patients all around the world right now. But the conventional cancer industry doesn't want to promote those cures, because the drug companies can't profit from them. So by staging its own "race for the cure," the for-profit cancer industry pretends all these other cures don't exist.
Cancer, you see, is big, big business. And keeping that money flowing requires a global propaganda campaign that holds out a carrot of hope in order to keep all the sheeple running in circles, empting their pockets of cash for the benefit of the drug companies. The scale of this scam is astounding, and that's what I've tried to capture in this cartoon.

The three men on the far left of the panel are picking up all the cash and stuffing it into their briefcases. One reads, "Cancer non-profits" and another reads, "American Cancer Society."

The only thing good about running for a cancer cure is that fact that sunshine promotes the creation of vitamin D in the skin, and vitamin D is the single most powerful anti-cancer vitamin in the human body. If everybody just ran in circles under the sun and generated more vitamin D, cancer rates would plummet by at least 50 percent around the world. But you'll never hear the cancer industry admit this simple prevention fact -- they don't want people to know that cancer is simple to prevent (or that cures for cancer already exist).


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