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In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Son


Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008


While overseas, in January, 2008, I met a couple from Perth. The wife had recurrent cancer and was seeking alternative treatment. The husband told me that they had seen Dr Holt some 15 years ago when Dr Holt treated the wife for her breast cancer. Dr Holt cured her at that time. This was a walking talking survivor. Just like the living survivors on the Ray Martin hosted current affairs show in 2004. I asked him why he did not go back to Dr Holt. He replied that her cancer was too far advanced this time so they were looking elsewhere. These living breathing cancer survivors are not accepted as proof by the conventional medicine cancer doctors as to the efficacy of Dr Holt's method of treating cancer. this is called anecdotal evidence. Conventional medicine prefers to deal with statistics from laboratories in distant lands to back up their methods. Living breathing cancer survivors don't count. As Dr Holt paraphrases in his book Essentials of Cancer a quote by Lord Rutherford "If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment. If the results are obvious no discussion is needed".

After meeting this couple I searched extensively on the internet and found Dr Holt's papers on a Royal Rife website. Dr Holt's papers titled Essentials of Cancer are a must read.  Please read all the other pdf files on this site regarding Dr Holt. I wish I had had access to this information before I left Australia. However, having left Australia I was in fear of the legal repercussions if I returned. My family in Australia had been threatened by Michael's oncologist along the lines of the Medical Abduction story as told by Eve Hillary. 

It's a strange situation when an oncologist can give you such a poor prognosis for the success of the treatment he offers your child.  But have the legal right to stop you looking elsewhere simply because of the age of the patient and his legal right, given by our government, to interfere in the care of your child and administer to your child, against his/her will, treatment that has little to no chance, statistically, of success. More importantly, a treatment so toxic to make your child so sick and very likely speed up the death that he claims to want to prevent.

Having read Essentials of Cancer I wish I had sought legal advice before I left and insisted on Michael having this treatment at the Radio Wave Clinic as a first option before I tried other treatments overseas. Unfortunately the tumour in Michael's leg grew to the point where he could not walk. I did come across a treatment called HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) overseas which I believe should have been the first line treatment for Michael's leg tumour.

When I did come back to Australia I approached the Radio Wave Clinic to treat my son. I came with a 1 week old PET scan that showed that most of the tumour in my son's leg was dead but that he had metastasis in lungs. On personally assessing him the doctors there advised me that Michael's leg was too big for treatment but that they could reassess Michael to treat his lungs if we had surgery to amputate his leg. We returned to Sydney, met with Michael's surgeon who was good enough to help Michael out and amputated his leg. Two weeks after the surgery Michael was recovering well and I re applied to have Michael treated at the Radiowave Clinic in Perth. On a blood test and the discharge papers from the hospital Michael was accepted for treatment.

Michael needed a blood transfusion before flying to Perth for treatment. Michael and I flew over to Perth full of optimism. The day before treatment was to begin the doctors there gave Michael a physical and decided on Michael having an Xray on his lungs as he was not breathing with his left lung. It was deemed that Michael had fluid in his left lung which precluded him from treatment. Michael passed away in a Perth hospital 3 days later on a Monday. On the previous Friday night his younger brother caught a news item on Today Tonight regarding Patrick Swayze and his battle with pancreatic cancer. The story went that he had been cured with something called Cyberknife. We were two hours behind Sydney so Michael was able to watch the show. His younger brother was so happy because he thought he had found something that would save his brother's life. Michael was very happy to see the news item and believed it would help but told his brother he could not make it to America. Michael died 48 hours later.

I am not saying that the Radiowave Clinic would have cured my son of cancer. You can read Elvina's story. She had the same cancer as Michael, had her leg amputated and was sent away to die. That was in 1998. She is still alive today, 10 years cancer free following treatment by Dr Holt. Also Living Proof. I only wish I had the freedom and the time to have allowed Michael to try this treatment and to have access to HIFU in Australia, and at the last minute discovering about Cyberknife. Unfortunately, the information I have come across has taken time and was acquired piecemeal. In the time it took and the treatments Michael was receiving his leg condition was deteriorating. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Especially with full knowledge. On the journey you make decisions with the knowledge you have up until that point in time. As my beautiful wife cries "It was not for us to play Medical Detectives". We fled a system that virtually guaranteed failure for the chance of the unknown possibility to save our son's life. I am not going to discuss what are termed alternative treatments that we tried. What I will question is why the Dr Holt's methods are suppressed and more importantly HIFU and Cyberknife which have gone through extensive clinical trials but are denied to Australian patients. When you ask the best doctors in their fields about whether there is any other treatment available anywhere in the world for your beautiful son and you are told "No, There is only Chemotherapy". And then you find treatments yourself that they do know about then my response is that the deliberate denying of that knowledge is criminal.

I am not recommending Dr Holt's treatment to anybody. I Do not have the benefit of having my son treated and knowing what the outcome may have been. I only wish I had the freedom to try. Other sites you might look at regarding Dr Holt are the Radiowave Therapy Research Institute and Jenny Barlow, a firm supporter of Dr Holt and a good source of information.

Footnote: It should be mentioned that Conventional Medicine, with their 3% 5 year cure rate from chemotherapy, who shepherd you through their treatment based on fear and belief that their treatment is all there is available, have been unable to put Dr Holt out of business. Dr Holt's cancer therapy has been able to survive for 34 years despite the protestations of Conventional Medicine. Surely this is demand based medicine as you would only known of his treatment by word of mouth and dead patients don't speak well of their doctors. If the internet were around in 1992, as it is today, my mother may still be alive today.

Must Watch: Video of Ray Martin interviewing patients of Dr Holt for "A Current Affair"

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