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In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Son


Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008

Cancer Free
If you or a friend is suffering from Cancer I can relate to your situation as I have lost my grandmother, mother, and then my son at only 17 to Cancer. I researched tirelessly for information that might help to save my Son's life after conventional medicine had failed me completely with my grandmother & mother and witnessing the debilitating effects of the surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy had on their bodies, minds and spirit for no perceivable benefit. I was shocked to find and finally believe the realities of the conventional treatment of cancer. My mother suffered 10 surgeries and survived just over 5 years and then died of heart failure. Conventional medicine counts my Mother's treatment as successful and as a statistical cure as she survived over five years and is counted as having died from heart failure and not cancer. This is a fraud. Chemotherapy is commonly accepted as contributing only 2.1% to 5 year survival. This means that Chemotherapy actually fails 98% of the time. Then you find out that one of the major side effects of radiation and chemotherapy is cancer. Because of my son's age at the time of diagnosis and the fact that I knew none of this information yet I had to submit my son to the conventional treatment of chemotherapy until it nearly killed him. By then I had some information as to other treatment options and pursued them and also kept on searching. By this time my son was already in bad shape from the chemotherapy and had lost too much weight and was quite frail. My son passed on September of 2008 and I have dedicated a website to him with a lot of information about cancer and many of it's known causes.

Buy Cancer Free

Why I have made this video is to recommend to you an e-book called Cancer Free written by a retired gentleman by the name of Bill Henderson. He watched his wife unsuccessfully battle ovarian cancer for 4 years before she passed in 1994. He could not believe the cruelty of the treatments she endured and is of the firm belief that the treatment of her cancer actually killed her and not her cancer. He has dedicated his life since his wife's passing looking for another way to treat and cure cancer and actually found many. His book comprises 375 pages packed with information that you need to know if you or someone you know has cancer. Information that will make you smarter than your oncologist. He has kept refining his research and has a lot of feedback in his book about people who have followed his advice and reversed their cancers. In Cancer Free he has developed a Seven stage protocol known as the Bill Henderson Protocol that he would use himself if he was diagnosed with cancer. This is a self administered protocol of Natural non toxic gentle healing and costs approximately $5.15 a day. There is also a great deal of information of many well researched and documented alternative and natural treatments for cancer and contact information of doctors and cancer hospitals who may be of help to you. Cancer Free is a massive reference book of 17 years of dedicated research by Bill Henderson into cancer that will give you a head start in your journey back from cancer. Does this book guarantee a cure. No. Nobody can. But with this knowledge you will be empowered to take responsibility of your own health and your own life and your own outcome. It cannot be too hard to improve on the 2% offered by chemotherapy. 
If you wish to download Cancer Free as a downloadable e-book there is a link in the book cover below that will take you there.

Buy Cancer Free

Click Here or on the book cover above to go Bill's website and buy Cancer Free.



A lot of sites use the Hard Sell to sell their product. I do not. I am merely recommending it to you as a person who has really walked the walk with my son. All I can say is that Bill Henderson is an honourable man. I have researched a lot since my son passed in 2008 and believe that this book Cancer Free is the most valuable, comprehensive and honest book I have read about cancer. About cancer's many causes, about the pharmaceutical industry that criminally protects it's business and it's abysmal record in treating cancer. And about the history of many natural cures and good doctors who were persecuted for daring to challenge the controlling cancer cartel. This cartel is driven by profit as all business is. Only when it comes to cancer the profit motive comes at the cost of massive suffering on the part of your loved ones.

 I have subscribed to Bill's monthly newsletter for over 3 years. Bill's newsletter is free. This newsletter is packed with up to date information, interviews with alternative doctors treating cancer and many emails from people who have used the information in his book and have successfully reversed their cancers. This information is empowering. 

Bill also has a weekly radio show at WebTalkRadio.net which is also free. People like Bill just want to make a difference as I am trying to make a difference with this website in honour of my beautiful son Michael. 

Click Here or on the book cover to the left to go Bill's website and buy Cancer Free.

On a final note please take the time to look through this website as I have accumulated a lot of information about the many known causes of cancer. Dr Samuel Epstein at www.preventcancer.com  asserts that between 70 to 90% of all cancers are preventable as the causes of these cancers are known. Dr Epstein has written several authoritative books on the subject such as Politics in Cancer, Cancer-gate and What's in Your Milk.


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